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So as of recently, I've had to make the change to being gluten free for the past few months and there was something difficult I had to figure out how to convert my favorite foods to their gluten free alternative. What I found, was that there is NOTHING that is helpful when finding out whether the gluten free food tastes decent or if it even is gluten free with secretive ingredients that make contact with gluten. It's as if these companies assume that if we choose or have to maintain a gluten free lifestyle that we don't need anything that tastes good. So rant aside, here's what I found in my grocery store, that I consider the best of gluten free and gluten sensitive foods 
Side note before I start: I think that the Glutino brand is amazing at making snack foods so sorry if I might have a lot of Glutino products in this list


Glutino Chocolate Chip Cookies

So let me start first off, that these are probably the best gluten free cookies I have ever tried in my life! They're very crunchy, so if you like chewy cookies, this really wouldn't really be a good option. I would compare these to the Chips Ahoy! brand of chocolate chip cookies in terms of flavor. One thing I will say is that the chocolate chips aren't very chocolate tasting for lack of better words. The texture isn't dry on accident, the dryness works for the cookie. I think these would be ideal for consuming with coffee or tea by dunking them in to give some moisture. These retail for $5.49 for a package of 18 cookies, so on the more pricey side. 

Beanitos Chips

Yum yum yum yum yum. This company has a certified gluten free product range spreading from cheese puffs to "tortilla chips". Gluten tends to hide in products that are conventional snack foods like tortilla chips and it's difficult a suitable alternative that doesn't taste terrible. These however are a god send. I received the black bean and chipotle flavors complimentary for review, however I wasn't the biggest fan of them. They weren't amazing but they didn't suck, however I was interested in the company because the rest of their snacky foods sounded good. They included a coupon with the product so I went out and bought the "Hint of Lime" and "Real Cheesy Puffs" flavors and they were yummmy. The hint of lime was comparable to the Chipotle brand of tortilla chips and the cheesy puffs are like the Cheetos puffs. This is a perfect product to dip your toe into the Gluten Free world because you can buy individual bags rather than committing to a whole box.


Trader Joe's: Joe's O's

These I would compare to Cheerios in terms of texture, however the flavor, way off. Now these taste different than Cheerios. They don't taste similar in the fact that have a slightly sweet undertone. Cheerios have a more savory and wheat like taste but these would be good with some sugar or something of that nature sprinkled on top to add more flavor. One thing I absolutely want anyone reading this to know before buying is that I haven't seen any specific claims to being gluten FREE so if you are sensitive, I would stay away, but if you are trying to attain a gluten free lifestyle, this should be fine. 


Udi's Pizza/ Pizza Crust

So Udi's is a widely known brand in the gluten free community, especially for their bread products. Their pizza crust is fantastic, I've served it to my Non-Gluten Free friends and they can't tell the difference. They recently partnered with Pizza Hut to make specially gluten free pizzas that you can actually customize! It's a great idea especially since they cook the pizzas and prepare them in a separate kitchen. The only downside is that there are select locations with this line of pizzas :( 

The rest of the best places near me tend to be local so if you want to find restaurants or places to shop for Gluten Free foods, I would highly recommend this website that helps find Gluten Free places near you!

That's all I've got for you today, If you want any more gluten free foods or recipes, leave a comment down below!


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*I wasn't sponsored by any of the brands to make this post, all opinions will forever and always be my own :) *

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  1. Hey! I've been thinking of going gluten free for a while but I'm a bit hesitant, I've heard that gluten free products actually have more fat in them?
    Have you noticed a difference?

    Thank you muchly for your help and great post and blog ! :)