What I've learned by blogging

A few years ago,  I gave myself a challenge: to start blogging. I've never been much of a writer but I've enjoyed giving other people my opinions and getting opinions back as well. I walked in kinda blind, expecting to be able to pump out a post every day, it wouldn't be that hard to tell people thing right? Boy was I wrong. Between taking photos and coming up with ideas, it was a struggle to even get out a post a week. By challenging myself to try and write a post a month (which I didn't quite do) I learned that I need a schedule to get things done. Also, this whole blogging things is so time intensive even if it is fun. I've definitely gained a greater respect for people who did this on the daily.

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Hi there! I'm India, a girl just living on this crazy rollercoaster called life. I tend to think my specialty is in drugstore products but I can dabble in high end sometimes (but my wallet can't)