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So I have seen tons of candle collections online, but I've only seen Bath and Body Works, Diptyque, and other more expensive candles but never Yankee Candle. Now this shocked me because I've been shopping at Yankee Candle for a while and the scents are more varied and fresh, and they last so much longer. Also they always have coupons for their candles so whenever I've earned enough points or I have a $15 dollar off coupon, I go buy a ton to last me a lifetime. So I thought I'd share my votive candle collection from Yankee Candle because if I did all of them, we would be here forever. So with that, I hope you enjoy!
(True Rose)
So this one is True Rose, and let me tell you this is like stuffing your face in a bouquet of roses. It smells exactly like roses, nothing more nothing less and I love that. It is a very strong scent however, so if you're looking for something light and airy, this might not be the best choice. This one retails for $1.99 but sometimes they have $1 sales. 
(Midnight Jasmine)
This one smells very reminscent of a jasmine plant, there really is no other scent to describe it with just like the rose. This one is a lighter scent and if you want to fill your whole house with scent, you need to burn it for a good 1-3 hours. However one of the upsides to these votive size candles is that they last a good 7 hours.
(White Gardenia)
It smells again like fresh gardenias, again a good light scent and very floral.
(Clean Cotton)
This one smells just like laundry detergent. It is also very very strong so I would designate it a bathroom or laundry room scent when covering up the scent of bleach or anything chemically.
(Beach Walk)
This one smells very citrusy, floral-y and almost salty? I don't think this is a universal scent and most definitely not for everyone. It would be a very good scent for a beach house or bathroom. 
(Ocean Star)
I would say this one smells very similar to beach walk but only without the floral scents. Again I would say beach house or bathroom. 
(Summer Wish)
This one smells floral-y and grassy. I would think a more summer/spring fragrance.
(Honey Blossom)
This candle smells sweet and floral-y. Definitely a more feminine fragrance, perfect for a bedroom or kitchen.
(Lemon Lavender)
This one smells exactly like it's name, Lemony and Lavender-y. Again it's a very strong musky fragrance but with the combination I would use it in a bathroom. 
Lavender. That is all.
(Lilac Blossoms)
This smells like Lavender, and other assorted flowers I can't place exactly. 
(Blue Summer Sky)
This one smells very citrusy and flowery. Smells like a garden.
(Midsummer's Night)
This one smells very musky and like a man's cologne. But for some reason I liked it, but overall very masculine.

That about wraps it up, I hope you enjoyed and leave me a comment down below telling me about your favorite candle smell or candle store!


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  2. great post I have only one yankee candle and its white gardenia I love it. I find the smell of them better than any other candle brand. I love your blog so much its so fresh and I love the way the backround changes. keep up the amazing posts