Everyday Foundation Routine

Hey everyone, I'm back with my daily foundation routine. Now I know some of you may be wondering: India, Why didn't you call it your daily makeup routine? Well the answer to that question is that I don't tend to wear anything but foundation and some concealer on a day to day basis because I am in university, so I'm on a time crunch all the time. So without further ado, this is my daily foundation routine. 
($26, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, 6.7 oz with a pump)

So the first thing I do after I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, take a shower, etc. is to moisturize. I think that putting on moisturizer is essential to how your makeup lays, it's really important to avoid wearing anything very thick that would sit on top of your skin so that your foundation doesn't just slide right off. I like this moisturizer from Clinique, I know they make a gel version of this for oily skin but I have very dry skin so this one works perfectly for me. This moisturizer absorbs quickly and helps me eliminate dry patches on my skin. One tip I highly recommend is that if you want a tinted moisturizer, just blend 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part foundation. Also when I first bought this moisturizer I thought two things: 1) Holy Moly! How am I going to finish that entire bottle. 2) Is that gonna turn my skin yellow.  What I've found out is that 1) Even though I only use 1-2 pumps a day, I go through it like nobody's business and 2) No, it doesn't turn your skin yellow. 
Ok so from here I have two paths of products, in the summer I tan very very very easily because I do play golf so I am outside a lot, so I have two sets of products 

For the winter, when I am a typical medium shade:
(L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer, $7.99, Light-Medium)
I use the L'Oreal True Match Concealer on any spots I have and I blend this in using my fingers. 

For the summer, when I am a medium/deep shade:
(Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Deep 35, $7.29)
I take the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and apply on any spots I have and blend in with my fingers. Sometimes in the winter, if I'm feeling fancy, I'll do a bit of contouring with it.

Then I take this stippling brush by e.l.f. to buff in the foundation I choose. I know it's a stippling brush but it works really well for buffing in product, also it's $3 so..

(Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, 230 Natural Buff, $6.56)

Ok so the winter foundation I use is the Maybelline Fit Me (the regular one). It's not the best if I'm being honest, it doesn't last long and sometimes cakes up. I've just been too lazy to buy a different foundation in the same shade

(L'oreal True Match Foundation, N7 Classic Tan, $9.99)
So the summer foundation I use is the L'Oreal True Match . Does this even need an explanation, it is the queen of drugstore foundations. It's fantastic.

(Up and Up Powder Brush, $6.99)
Next I take this brush, I think it's a blush brush, but I use it as a powder brush from Target to set my makeup. Side note though, no one talks about these brushes from the Target brand and Oh my god are these soft. Like really soft. Like can I keep this on my face all day.

(So this shade got discontinued apparently -_- but it was in 325)
Lastly I use the Maybelline Fit Me powder foundation for a little extra coverage and to get the demi matte finish. Then I pop out of the flat and go to class.


Leave a comment down below letting me know your daily makeup products!

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