Mini Sephora haul?

Hey guys! Bet you thought I forgot about you guys but guess what, I'm back and better than ever!

Today I just received an online order I got from Sephora and I thought, Why not show you all!
I didn't order as much as a lot of people do because well I just wanted this one thing.
This elusive thing is (Drumroll)................

The Sephora Favorites Liquid Luxury Sampler!

Now this doesn't sound too exciting on face value, but it really is very cool. I love the concept behind it. So Sephora comes out with their Sephora Favorites perfume samplers in two versions: the liquid luxuries and the normal one. They both cost 65 dollars but they have a greater value. I bought the liquid luxuries one because they had the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent, which I already knew I loved. Let me stop rambling and explain. 

So the idea behind the product is that you buy this little sampler kit of 15 sample sizes of different luxury perfumes. Then inside the box also comes a little certificate which allows you to get a free full size of any one of the perfumes! Most of the perfumes in the box cost more to buy alone than if you just buy the kit! What's not to love and if you already know you love one of the scents, there is no risk in it and maybe you will discover a new favorite! I got to experience some scents that I would have never thought I would like and now the hardest part is choosing which one I want! I would definitely say to buy it when they send out the 10 dollars and 20 dollar off coupons in the winter so you can get it for a even steeper steal! I only bought mine now because I wanted to redeem my birthday gift for 2016. Also, one thing to note is that all of the scents are very floral so if you don't like that type of scent, I would stay away. Another thing to keep in mind is that although some scents are more expensive on their own, some are cheaper than the price of the box. Listed below are the prices for all of the perfumes for the size you can redeem the certificate for.

Atelier Sud Magnolia- 1 oz: $85
Burberry My Burberry-1 oz: $72
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline-1.3 oz: $65
Chloé Chloé-1 oz: $75
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black-1.0 oz: $60
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White- 1.0 oz: $60
Giorgio Armani Sí-1.0 oz: $61
Gucci Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia - 1.6 oz: $77
Marc Jacobs Daisy-1.7 oz: $78
Narciso Rodriquez For Her-1 oz: $55
Prada Candy-1 oz: $66
Thierry Mugler Alien-1 oz: $80
Tom Ford Velvet Orchid-1 oz: $80
Tory Burch Tory Burch-1 oz: $68
Versace Bright Crystal-1 oz: $55

I also got my Sephora Birthday gift and I redeemed it for the Marc Jacobs set

Inside the set you get a mini (very very very small) lipstick and a black eyeliner!

Have you tried this set? What do you think? Leave it in the comments below!


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  1. This seems like a great deal! I love Chole & Daisy.

  2. Nice mini haul hehe :-)

    I wish I'd redeemed my birthday gift for the Marc Jacobs set as well, I went for the Fresh one and don't like it at all :/

    Great post!