How I pack quickly

Hi everyone, okay okay, I know these apologies are getting repetitive but I'm hoping this might be the last time that I take a break from posting. I'm going to try really hard this year to keep on schedule with good content so bear with me guys!
As shown in the title, today I'm going to show you guys how I pack quickly. So I tend to travel a lot for various reasons and that requires me packing. A LOT. 
After a while it can be repetitive and innate but I thought I would help anyone out with some tips on how I tend to do it. Right now, I'm in Italy and scampering around and on this trip, I could only bring about one light duffle bag of luggage because of the inconvenience of lugging around a carry on through cobblestone streets. I typically only pack a carry on and I highly recommend taking only one carry on for trips less than 2 weeks to save money and eliminate things you don't need.

Have outfits you feel comfortable in
If you're like me, you have dozens of clothing items that you feel uncomfortable in. Maybe not the material itself, but self consciousness can play a part, or maybe something easily stained or very expensive or sentimental. Now is the not the time to pull these pieces out because it will distract from the point of your trip (for me vacation) and cause you to be hyper-focused on your outfit instead. 

One basic and one print
So once you put away those uncomfortable pieces, you should be left with clothes you feel great in. The next step is to pick out tops, bottoms and dresses in fun prints. For a two week trip (provided you have access to a washing machine or you don't mind re-wearing something) you should pack about 7 outfits that can mix and match. To do this, pick out 2 of your favorite tops, 3 of your favorite bottoms and one dress all in some sort of print or embroidery, etc. 
Then pick out 3 tops, 2 bottoms and one dress in a solid/ basic color that will match with the other items. Try and pick mostly black, grey and white for these basics as they are easily paired. This way, you can mix solid bottoms with patterned tops and vice versa and boom instant 14 day wardrobe. 

Accessories are what makes these outfits change day by day. Pack 2-3 pairs of shoes that can go with the entirety of what you packed (normally a nude, black and white). 2 hats almost always come in handy (unless you aren't going somewhere sunny. A light silk scarf can do wonders, as does a statement necklace and a long chain necklace. Also have only two purses, one tote-esque bag and one crossbody. 

Get a clear makeup bag to hold all cords and tech items you may need so you can quickly take it out for TSA and pack it all back in. Same goes for medicines. Keep all of your TSA regulated items in one place so it's easy repacking

What about beauty?
I've found that unless you NEED a certain beauty product or it is medicated, skip bringing any toiletries if you are going to any type of city. You can better immerse yourself in the culture and use their beauty products (I'm sure other countries have soap) and plus cool souvenir right?? You can try out French foundation en France or Japanese perfumes in its namesake country. Just be sure to bring back only what can pass through TSA so you don't have to throw it away!

And in doing all of this, you can save so much space in your luggage for souvenirs whilst avoiding outrageous check in luggage prices and avoiding unnecessary stuff in your suitcase!

That's all I've got for you today! Thanks for reading and leave your packing tips below


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