Music of the Month | May 2016

Hi guys! This month I've really been focusing on expanding my musical horizons per se and exploring a lot more with the arts in general. So, I thought maybe I would take you along with me on this little musical adventure.
So a little background information, I normally only listen to things that I think have very strong either vocals or instrumental pieces. I typically also only listened to pop and rock with some metal here or there. So I really tried to focus on finding new/obscure artists of a few different genres that had a different sound than what I normally listened to.

(Does she not look like the next Adele?)
So the first artist that I found and am obsessed with is Verite. How this girl isn't super famous, I have no idea but I was in love with the tracks as soon as I heard the first few seconds. Her music tends to have a steady bass sound in the background with light airy vocals. It sounds really fresh and different from the pop music that you normally hear on the radio because the musical quality plus the lyrics create this feeling of power that isn't the typical belting of a note that you hear. She's rather new to the music scene, releasing her first EP in 2014 but I feel this girl is going places. If I had to recommend one of her songs over all of the others, I would try out Rearrange on her EP Sentiment.

Alright, that's all I have today, I'll keep you guys updated on the new music I find every month! Feel free to share what you've been listening to this month in the comments below!


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