Review: Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo

Hey everyone, I'm back with another review for you all!
So I bought this little handy dandy bottle of dry shampoo like a few months ago and it just sat on my dresser. For some weird reason I started to use it this week and I've got some opinions on this one. So if you don't know what a dry shampoo is, it's a product in an aerosol can (normally) that sprays a powdery spray that absorbs oil in between hair washes.
 This one smells very very similar to laundry detergent and powder mixed together and it does linger so I find myself spraying perfume in my hair to mask the smell. It absorbs oil pretty well, to my surprise, but since I do have darker hair, it leaves an immense white cast and even after combing through my hair a few times, it is still extremely visible. The packaging isn't anything out of the ordinary and it is drugstore priced.

(P.S. I just found out about a site called haute look and it's amazing, they are a Nordstrom's sub company like nordstrom rack but they have amazing flash sales on brand name makeup and clothes. Like I just found Lorac trio's for 3 dollars. 3 DOLLARS!)

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  1. I'm not sure about the sound of the smell of this one, I think I'll be sticking to Batiste!

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