Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: Graped-Up

In my weekly rounds to Clinique, I recently purchased one of their "Chubby Sticks" 
(Shade: Graped-Up)
Besides the hilarious names, I mean come on, Graped-Up, who else names their makeup so whimsically! It is advertised as a lip balm with a little color and that's exactly what it is. It provides a sheer wash of color, so you can really try any color without going too overboard. 
(Swatch on paper)
Graped-Up is a really beautiful mauve color with a natural finish on the lips. It doesn't become super glossy but it definitely isn't matte. The one bad thing is, this lip balm doesn't last at all and I find reapplying it every hour because it comes off so easily. It doesn't flake like I find the other similar ones do and it definitely does moisturize (intensely). 

(Shade: Graped-Up)
The packaging is pretty nice with a tube that actually shows the color of the product making it much easier to distinguish in-stores or in a drawer. It has metallic caps and writing but they're not reflective which is a let down. The retail value of this product is $17 USD. Overall, I think this product is absolutely worth the money. 


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