My beauty secret | Baby Oil

Hey guys! Today I've brought you my number one beauty secret, I was thinking about making this a series, maybe or maybe not, who knows? I'll go with the flow. So as you can tell from the title, it is BABY OIL. Whaaaaaat? India why is BABY OIL your number one beauty secret, what about the best primer, or the best lipstick, or anything that is beauty related? Well, I'll tell you, baby oil has revolutionized my life. When I was a little kid my mom always used to make us put baby oil on our knees and elbows to keep them moisturized in the winter. Well, now as an adult I still keep it up. 

Reasons why baby oil is the best
1. It is super cheap, you don't even have to spring for the fancy stuff to get the same result
2. It smells incredible
3. Almost everyone has it in stores
4. You can completely replace body lotion with it.

So, I have completely transitioned off of using body lotion to using baby oil. It is so so so moisturizing and keeps your skin looking shiny and beautiful without the constant lotion application. I use it after I take a shower and I just take a little quarter size for both my legs and both my arms. Just make sure you rub it in so you actually see the results. The one I love is the target brand baby oil with aloe and vitamin E, and the best part: It's only $3.02 for 20 oz.
That's all I've got for you all today, I've got a Morphe palette review coming soon, leave any of your beauty secrets below!

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