Hi everybody. Sorry I've been on and off posting, I'm really really trying here just hang in there for me please. Ok cool, so recently I've been trying to transform this blog into, well a big free form blob. What exactly does that mean? It means, I'm going to write about whatever is on my mind, I'm not going to worry about making a long post or only being superficial, because honestly what good does that do anyone. I've recently just gone through a complete change in my mental state of mind. For a while there, I would hide all problems in my life by just putting on a pretty smile and pretty clothes and taking pictures of my eyeshadow. But I could never post it. I knew it wasn't me. I want this blog to be a source of inspiration, a safe haven and a portal for self reflection all wrapped up into one. I don't think I've ever explained why I chose the name "Bows and Buttons". I mean it's pretty cliche. At least I think so. And if I'm being honest, that was the whole point. But when I really sat down and let it penetrate my late night thoughts, this is what I came up with. We sit around and we tie bows and sew buttons to try and secure things. And well that was also reflective of my life. I was looking for something to stay stable, in a time when everything was changing, the arguably hardest years of my life, I was constantly searching. Everything around me was being uprooted and changing, and I do like change, heck I embrace it with open arms, but there was a point where I felt like I could never rely on anything and nothing would stay forever. So I went searching, I went searching for that button, that thing in my life that would never change, but all I could find were bows, things that brought me joy, but would eventually disappear. Does that make sense? Well, I came to the conclusion that in life, we need the mixture of both our bows and our buttons to keep us sane.

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Hi there! I'm India, a girl just living on this crazy rollercoaster called life. I tend to think my specialty is in drugstore products but I can dabble in high end sometimes (but my wallet can't)


  1. Aw, I love this post. I've browsed around on your blog and I love it, your personality shines through your words. I think the idea of a free form blog sounds wonderful, I'm pretty much going through the exact same thing myself so I can relate. I LOVE your explanation of the inspiration behind your blog name, it's beautiful. Good luck going forward! You earned a subscriber in me, keep trekking girlie :)

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment, it really made my day!