News and New Products #1

Hey everyone, sorry I've been gone for a little bit but I'm back and ready for action! So, one thing I've realized recently, is the lack of awareness for world issues and politics, in most people, especially young women. Now, I started thinking to myself, Why wouldn't people want to know what's going on? Are they just trying to be ignorant? But what I realized was that it wasn't that people didn't care or didn't want to know (for the most part) but that they:

         A. Got confused by all the complex language that is used
B. The information was confusing 

C. They didn't think it affects them 

D. They didn't follow the story from the beginning but no one 

gave a timeline of events or an outline of what happened

E. The information was just plain boring

So how do we fix this problem? Well I thought to myself, well, I like beauty and products but I also like politics, the news, the law, technology, and you know, generally nerdy stuff. What if I combine these two, to make one super fun cool amazing fantastical post that can help spread this important information, in a humorous way, without the crazy language so it's easy to understand, while cutting the tension of the(sometimes depressing) news with a new beauty purchase/mini review. I think this is a great way to arm women with knowledge that we can use to advance our world. 

Now, onto the good stuff. So since it is the first one of this series, I figured I'd start off with a a light hearted and non threatening piece. ( It's not scary, I promise)

Strike on the tube

So I think that something really important going on overseas (coming from America here), is a workers strike on the tube. The tube in Europe is like the subway in New York. It tends to be the main source of transportation, then bikes, then cars,etc. So when there's a strike and the tube isn't operating, it causes a huge issue for people who need to go places and do things and rely on the tube for transportation. So, that leaves the question of why did the workers do this?. Well the main reasoning behind the strike is a new work contract that the workers believe doesn't let them have a reliable schedule, rest time, and so they think it affects their ability to make sure everyone is safe.  So the drivers union, Aslef, decided to start a strike. Now, I think that that is a pretty good reason for a strike, but some people think that these workers are being selfish by interrupting hundreds of people's means of transportation, so it leaves the personal question of what do you value more: reliability of your transportation or the safety of it all. Ironically enough, either side you choose, the workers situation is easy to understand. If you choose reliability, you have to think about how if you wanted to have reliable transportation think about how the workers want a reliable work schedule. For the safety answer, well safety is a major part of the reason they are striking in the first place.

Do you have any other opinions on this issue, do you think the workers are in the wrong, or the company that gave them the contract is in the wrong, or is nobody wrong,  please leave them down below so we can have a discussion.

New product
(Rose et Reines fragrance,,82,1,29225,0.htm)

I recently went to an outlet mall in Texas, where I went a L'occitane store ( no idea how to pronounce that name, even after 4 years of French class). So as I do in most scent-y, bath-y stores, I went around and sniffed every fragrance to see if I liked anything. Everything smelled, well, normal, nothing I couldn't find in any old store. That is, until I found the Roses et Reines fragrance. Good gosh, this stuff is addicting. I bought a mini travel size lotion of the fragrance to test out how much I liked it, and if I should buy a bigger size. It was around 5 dollars, but everything travel sized was 5 dollars in the store. It smells like the dusty old rose scent you think of when you think of old perfume, so it does have a very vintage, elegant vibe to it but (here comes the twist) it has a very sweet, almost sugary undertone. I've never smelled anything like it before, it's a very unique scent which will definitely be noticed (not for the shy). The lotion itself, well nothing too remarkable about hydration, but it does absorb really fast and the bottle is gorgeous and makes you feel really fancy.

Leave your opinions down below, what else would you like me to cover in the future?



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  1. Cool new series :-)

    As for strikes, I don't know... I often feel like people strike just for the sake of having an extra day off and don't really know or care about what they're actually striking for. In Belgium that is often the case, I feel. That said, there are of course legitimate strikes too and if it's justified, well, then I guess we can't get too upset over it.

    That L'Occitane scent sounds very retro rose indeed! Not sure if it's for me then, to be honest... I like rose scents, but only when they're subtle and not too 'old'.

    1. I agree with your point about some people blindly striking. Most of the time, those don't work out well though :) It is very retro rose, that's the best way to describe it. It's not a scent that lots of people like, I'm very into floral scents, but I know most people like citrus or fruity scents.