Review: Almay i-Color Eye Shadow Softies- Hot Fudge

About a week ago I jumped into the scary world of trying a different brand. *Gasp* I tried out the brand Almay. I had always grown up with my mom loving Almay but I had never tried it myself. Until now. I bought three products from their line but I haven't tried the other two yet. Anyway, I had bought their Intense i-Color Eye Shadow Softies in the shade "Hot Fudge" 

(The product in the color "Hot Fudge", Photo from

The product claims to be a cushiony eye shadow that is crease free. I tried getting the product out of the pan and it didn't come off with a brush (which was a long shot anyway), but I was oddly shocked when it provided miniscule color payoff with my fingers and even the cheap foam applicators. After I ended up scraping out about half of the product with the foam applicator and trying to work it on my eyes, I could barely see any difference and the color just blended away. Maybe I was just using it wrong but it didn't work with me.
Rating: 1/5

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